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Periodontics San Marcos

A large percentage of patients throughout the San Marcos area and beyond are affected by periodontal disease.   If they are not adequately treated, gum disease can develop into long-term problems that impact the health of your smile. Affected patients display symptoms such as loose teeth, bad breath, and bleeding gums.  The San Marcos periodontists at Grand Plaza Cosmetic and Family Dentistry are versatile doctors who can evaluate and treat periodontal disease.

During a periodontal disease evaluation, root scaling and planing is one of the first procedures.  If a disease has been discovered, gum surgery may be a necessary treatment.

Tooth loss is the eventual result of a periodontal disease that has not received adequate treatment.  Your overall health can be affected as well from this problem.  In recent studies, correlations have been discovered between dental health and medical concerns such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease.  It is essential to pay attention to your teeth to ensure your overall health.

Leftover calculus (tartar) in your mouth can be a leading cause of periodontal disease.  This buildup occurs when leftover foods remain on your teeth and harden over time.  This problem can generally be avoided by maintaining quality oral hygiene habits.  You can also receive a root scaling and planing treatment to clean the area below the gum line, effectively removing wastes and potential calculus.

To maintain healthy teeth and gums, keep up with regular dental visits along with healthy hygienic practices.  At Grand Plaza Cosmetic and Family Dentistry, our regular cleaning procedures can clean the gum line and areas that toothbrushes or floss normally cannot reach.

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