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Dental Implants San Marcos

A missing tooth is a concern for the health and appearance of your smile.  Dental implants are the most effective solution provided to treat this problem. Grand Plaza Cosmetic and Family Dentistry has provided long-lasting, effective, and visually enhancing dental implants for over 20 years.

Missing teeth affect more than your immediate appearance.  They can cause the health of the surrounding bone to deteriorate.  Other areas around your face may be affected, they result in other problems such as jaw pain, migraines, muscle tension, and facial fragility.  It is important to take note of a missing tooth immediately and seek immediate treatment to prevent these occurrences.

A dental implant procedure generally starts with the design of a titanium post.  This post will be positioned onto the jawbone using advanced surgical techniques.  Abutments will be produced and placed on the surface.  After being inserted into the jawbone, the surrounding tissue will integrate with the implant through a process known as osseointegration.  Permanent crowns are then produced and placed on the area to prevent potential damage.

Dental implant procedures provide other benefits in addition to replacing missing teeth.  They are effective in securing dentures and holding bridges in place. The dentures are attached to the abutments of the implants, which are held by the integrated tissue from the jaw bone.

CAD/CAM technology is used with our dental implant treatments to augment the accuracy of the results.  This allows our lab to produce accurate restorations in a reduced timeframe and cost.  Our dental implants use ceramic material in their production, which allows them to fuse with the surrounding tissue more naturally.

If you are looking for comprehensive dental implant treatment with holistic and medical benefits, please call and schedule your complimentary consultation today.