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Dental Crowns San Marcos

Crowns are produced from perfect-looking enamel and are considered one of the most popular treatments in the field.  They are effective in restoring missing or damaged teeth.  They are designed from durable materials such as porcelain and modified to match the natural appearance of your smile.  Our lab utilizes zirconium material to create a naturally beneficial restoration.

Crowns are a perfect solution for the following situations:

•Covering a Tooth After a Root Canal

•Restoring Damaged Teeth

•Protecting Dental Implants

This procedure generally requires more than one visit to prepare a tooth and ensure the crowns are accurately fitted for your teeth.  A minimal amount of enamel may be removed in order to create adequate space for the fitting of the crown.  An accurate impression of your smile is created using a rubber material. This model is used to create the dimensions such as space and size of your tooth.  It is then sent to our lab which accurately fabricates the crowns ensuring a natural looking, durable restoration.

A temporary crown will be produced to protect your teeth and enable you to perform your daily activities.  During this time, minimize any flossing activity and avoid brushing too hard.  Refrain from eating sticky foods as well.  Once the final crowns are ready, they are cemented onto your teeth, replacing your temporary crown.